About Me

A little about Jamie:

I am an Artist/Writer located in the greater Seattle area whose main interest is children's book literature, but I practice many forms of artist expression. 

I received a BFA from Central Washington University and the "Art Student of the Year Award" from Big Bend Community College.

My Work

My work is an extension of my whimsical nature. I love color. I love creatures and nature. I love dreaming. To create, and with these creations, bring happiness to others, is my greatest desire.

I have experience in graphic design, photography, and fine art. I primarily work in colored pencil, watercolor, graphite, ink, and mixed media computer art.


I'm currently located a short skip and a hop outside of Tacoma, WA.


Contact me via my contact page. Leave a kind message or words of encouragement or contact me with any questions!

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